• is a forestry that not only operates at a high standard, but protects the environment and preserves its history as well as offering people who want to hike or rest and relax an opportunity to enjoy their free time in our forest guest houses and inviting new generations to our forest schools and animal and wildlife parks;
  • is a forestry that manages the forest property and wild game supply it was trusted with in a professional and eco-friendly manner, despite the increasingly frequent natural disasters like windthrows and the drying of pine and deciduous tree species;
  • is a forestry where public welfare investments are not made in the spur of the moment or based on sudden ideas, but as a result of a well thought-out, structured and planned activity meeting real social demands;
  • is a forestry where the investments in the improvement of sawmill and parquet production technologies have contributed to preserving the jobs of more than 300 employees in the wood processing sector that was one of the industries most affected by the crisis.

During the last two decades, the focus was placed on finding the right balance between the three-fold function of the forest: the economic, the public welfare and the protective functions. Our three main lines of business (sustained and natural silviculture, wildlife management and wood processing) are run in a spirit that, besides the economic profit, enables the protective and public welfare functions of our forests to prevail at the highest levels.

We know that it is up to humans to create a harmony between themselves and the environment. That is what we are working for!

László Varga
Managing Director

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